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Brought together through their collective love of Israel, Judaism, and common musical influences, Micha & Lisa join together from opposite ends of the world to blend their songwriting and performing talents, creating songs that are joyous and appealing, created in Israel for a worldwide audience.

Micha Biton is a prolific Israeli singer-songwriter who has produced five albums of original music.  Raised in Sederot until the age of nine, as the fifth of ten children in a family with strong Moroccan roots. Micha was sent to live in Jerusalem with Ashkenazi foster parents.  The influences of both cultures stongly impact his song writing. Micha's story is chronicled in the famous children's book "El Atzmi," which for over three decades has been read by countless Israeli youth. His poignant and beautiful song SheYavo became the unofficial anthem for the release of Gilad Shalit.  Micha's solo website - click here.

Lisa Silverstein Tzur is a product of the American Reform Movement's camps and NFTY, who graduated from the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Insititute of Religion (HUC-JIR) in 1997. Since the age of fourteen, Lisa has created music that is performed in numerous synagogues around the U.S. She has been on staff and faculty of numerous URJ camps and for NFTY in Israel for many years. Her facination with Israeli music began years ago, and the basis for most of her Hebrew fluency evolved from her study of modern Israeli music and poetry.

Together, Micha & Lisa blend their voices into a dynamic fusion of joyful prayer.